Reimbursement 2017

We’re hoping that you are still remembering the sunny days and great acts despite the stormy and premature end of this year’s Chiemsee Summer. We’ve certainly done the same, although it is now only with a grain of salt. It was also clear for us that you should be reimbursed for the festival’s termination, and as you will read below, we’ll stick to that promise. After everything we experienced together, we think that you don’t deserve anything less. But it’s also clear that a reimbursement of this magnitude means a considerable financial strain. This is one of the reasons we decided to take a break in 2018, before Chiemsee Summer will be back in 2019. We will use this time to examine which measures would be necessary to ensure the festival’s future.

The continuation is close to our hearts, and you’ve probably noticed that we don’t regard the festival as something merely mediocre: High-class acts, new ideas and services – our aim was and always will be to create a festival that is just as awesome as the mountains surrounding it. We hope that that you’re not too disappointed and that you’ll keep as many positive memories as we do until we’re back.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about the refund. Please read those lines and the FAQ carefully!

What exactly will be reimbursed?
Due to the storm on Friday evening the remaining performances had to be called off, the last day had to be cancelled completely. Accordingly, ca. 20 percent of the purchase price for Friday’s day passes will be refunded, day passes for Saturday will be reimbursed completely. You bought a ticket for more than one day? For Fri/Sat-tickets the reimbursement is ca. 60 percent, tickets for the whole festival will receive a refund of ca. 30 percent. All of those rates refer to the actual purchase price printed on the ticket including advance booking fee and apply to all ticket types. You can also consult this table to check your reimbursement.

What do you have to do?
Sign up in our reimbursement tool and give us all the required information. Then please send us your ticket via registered post until the 10th of November. We encourage you to copy both sides of your ticket before you send it to us, just to be sure. In case you do not have your ticket anymore it is also fine to send us the wristband (without the clasp) and the booking confirmation. Please note that we need both the wristband and the confirmation – only then we can make sure there’ll be no fraud and the process will be fair for everyone! In order to be as fast as possible, the actual tickets will be processed first. Don’t forget: You have to claim your reimbursement until the 10th of November!

If you still have questions after reading this and the FAQ, please send an email to

Please understand that we will not answer questions regarding the actual reimbursement sum before we have completely processed your request. We’d also like to point out that the process may take up to twelve weeks – for incomplete requests maybe longer. Please also note that it may take us longer to answer specific questions due to the amount of emails we receive. In any case, we’ll do our best to help every one of you as quickly as possible.